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UNION GHOSTS of Mountsville Hollow

The Union Ghosts of Mountsville Hollow (and the Four Confederate Banshees) is a delightful story about young metal detectors who find themselves in the middle of The Battle of Mountsville during the Civil War--or are they among ghosts? Their prospective fathers had been planning to metal detect the area of Mountsville, Virginia, however, these young kids beat them to it. The four adventurers are more than excited to meet their new Union friends, as they try to make their way back to their parents and safety. If you do not know much about the Civil War, The Union Ghosts of Mountsville Hollow (and the Four Confederate Banshees) is a comedic, adventurous way to learn about this period of antiquity.


Larry Portch

Larry Portch has been metal detecting the Northern Virginia area since the 1970s.  He has devoted many, many hours to researching the Civil War, utilizing his metal detector to find camps and skirmishes that others have failed to locate.  He has become both an historian and an archeologist of the Civil War in Northern Virginia.

Michelle Portch

Michelle Portch was an actress and drama teacher having a Master's Degree in Musical Theatre Performance from San Diego University, as well as a Master's in Theatre and English Education from NYU.  She has listened to her father's tales most of her life, and is thrilled with the opportunity to write with him.

Ghost Story